Robert Davis Racing
What is RDR?  Why do we race?  I have the pleasure to work for Mazda North American Operations, an automotive company that produces amazing products and services.  Why do I view it as a pleasure and amazing, simple the people.  
The Mazda team and their spirit drive a small company from Hiroshima Japan and worldwide to do amazing things.  Recognized by their peers, the automotive press, and the public, in ways that far “out distance Mazda’s weight limit” as a 2% market share company.  The Mazda2  as International Car of the Year is a great example, and my favorite example: Mazda’s 1991 overall victory at LeMans.  
This spirit created a race team in 1996, of Mazda staff that wanted to race.  Since then we have grown, added more cars and members, but always kept the same spirit.  Today we have members outside of Mazda, great partners, but again the spirit is still the same.  Come with us on a journey, it will be rewarding, but most of all it will be fun.